Sergio Marques

  • Mechanical engineer
  • Executive engineer
  • Partner

As part of the Company Studio Rey, its business concerns especially in the Quality control; the organization and scheduling of orders; negotiations and contracts; procurement and logistics; imports and exports; the sales department (products and services); the administration and management control. It is also very present in the development projects of economic feasibility of initiatives abroad. Purchasing manager and coordinating purchases for third parties operating within the construction sites managed by the Company. Updates and checks the accuracy of the accounting, controlling the regularity of payments to suppliers and the customers’ credit. Sovrinte the collection of official documents issued by public authorities in the field of tax law, tax and social security so that the obligations relating to business management are interpreted and updated constantly. Responsible for the preparation of data for the preparation of financial statements and complies with the obligations in the field of taxation and tax in accordance with the law.


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