Sara Vernaglione

  • Senior Architect
  • 3d CAD expert
  • Architects Leader

Architecture graduate, at the beginning she starts working with some studies of Architecture and Engineering dealing with architectural design (residential, industrial and green areas), interior design (furniture and design), bioclimatic design, home automation, energy and environmental certification. It works so retraining of green areas, parks and the construction and installation of stands for cultural events. Join the Team of the study by June 2006, deepening especially the residential design and interiors, specializing in the choice of materials, finishes and furnishings of the intervention, with particular attention to environmental sustainability and to technical and technology. Each project becomes a suit tailored suit the client’s most demanding without neglecting any detail. Expert in 3D modeling and photorealistic simulation of architectural projects to be implemented. She is interior designer and responsible of architectural and detailed design.

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