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our-companySTUDIO REY & CO. is an Engineering Company founded by Eng. Roberto Rey and previously registered as “Studio of Engineering and Architecture of Eng. Roberto Rey”.

The Company was developed by Eng. Roberto Rey after his  experience with the Prof. Eng. Luigi Biscogli, who together formed: “Biscogli and Rey  Engineering Studio” (1981-1990).

STUDIO REY & CO. is composed of a group of professionals with extensive civil engineering experience in works also  in  the  field  of  architectural  and structural    survey,    design    for  consolidation,    conservation    and  valorisation of tangible heritage, as well as in  the  field of diagnostic investigations,  including  testing    and   monitoring.

STUDIO REY & CO. is connected with many experts working   on  both  new    buildings    and    architectural    restoring for public building, private office building, industrial and sport complex, private housing estate, individual housing unit, hotel and resort design  in Italy and overseas.

Flexibility and professionalism are the concepts that guide the activities of the Company, both in the organizational structure in the design. The study is divided into departments composed of specialized working groups that move according to the requirements that emerge from each individual project, facing with great professionalism the different sectors with the purpose of achieving excellent results. The working method is adapted to the most different fields of activity thanks to the study of the single detail which translates into a general construction quality.  The projects are the result of a careful study that follows a fine line that separates but also unites the desires of the client and the testing of the language of images. The design is not intended as an exercise in style but as a place of dialogue between creativity and science, between form and function, between emotion and reason. This is the spirit of the Company which bases its work on the ability to turn a passion into his profession. The research compares the various project experiences with the potential of the environment and the demands of clients: the place, the attention to the environment, the function and use are the variables through which comes the architecture, formed by the union of spaces designed for different needs, the choice of materials which enhance the characteristics and composition of functional “architectural object, making it unique and unrepeatable”.The study designs living spaces comfortable and functional perceiving the needs of the client and creating spaces of architecture characterized by a timeless design to surprise and stimulate imagination, optimizing the time and the budget available to achieve the highest levels of quality.

Thanks to this long professional experience, they are high level  experts,  able  to  handle  the  different  phases  of  a  project,  from  the assessment to the final design and supervision of works.  The high quality of the STUDIO REY & CO. activity is also guaranteed by  the job of skilled professionals employed    as    long    term  can be mentioned: 5 architects  specialized  in  the  field  of  tangible  heritage    conservation and in  the  field  of sustainable architecture, 3 engineers and 3 plant designers.

The staff includes also some professionals specialized in the field of 3D  drawing   and  rendering implementation.

Strictely connected to Master Office we have a special atelier – “Officina Materia e Forma” – whose activity is particularly that of plastics and models.

In addition, depending on  the  complexity  of  the  project  to  be implemented, we often  engage 3 or more short term consultants specialized  in  civil engineering and  in plant designing.

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