Meeting with Ambassador

Meeting with AmbassadorAlso during the visit of Oman and particularly in the capital Muscat on June 1, 2015 Eng. Roberto Rey was received by Italian Ambassador Paola Amadei at the headquarters of the Italian Embassy in Muscat together with the Italian Trade Representative Maria M. Di Gaeta .

The two extremely kind guests illustrate to the representative of Studio Rey which is the economic and social situation of Oman offering in this way the opportunity to understand the reality of the country .

On the sidelines of the meeting the Ambassador Paola Amadei invites Eng. Rey to the Party of the day after – June 2nd – for the Feast of the Italian Republic to be held at the Ambassador’s residence in Muscat.

The Italian Embassy in Oman: an elegant building in the neighborhood of diplomatic residences of Muscat, the Omani capital of the large rib southern Arabian Peninsula. Almost it makes finding an effect while elegant but fragile at the entrance gate, after those superblindati embassies like Baghdad and Kabul, controlled over by police special forces.

At his desk, smiling and operational, there is the Ambassador Paola Amadei, one of not many women (in all are currently 12) the diplomatic to have achieved this important assignment. Roman, first experience abroad in Singapore, then EU Brussels, Rome and again EU Brussels. E ‘at the forefront of Oman, the solid reality free from the turbulent Middle East crisis in the Arab world and looking to the future with optimism and perseverance. Where development is called industry, tourism, culture.

The day of the ambassador is a constant crossing of contacts between reality Omani and Italian operators who, in increasing numbers, are turning to our embassy for support about the opportunities that this country has to offer.

Oman is a construction site

Oman is a large yard. Much has been done since in 1970 came to the throne the Sultan Qabus bin Sa’id (school and military training in the UK) but the development plan aims at least the year 2020. “When I welcome delegations Italian airport – says Ambassador Amadei – first thing I see cranes in the area. A living testimony of how this country is moving. ”

Significant Italian presence in this part of Arabia, as big as Italy but with just 2.8 million inhabitants, of which more than 20% foreign. The Fairy of the Finmeccanica group is building a large plant for the production of aluminum strip which will employ approximately 270 people. The Italferr has just won the contract to design the new railway line (the first in the country) by more than 2,200 km, linking the commercial port of Salalah in the south with the rest of the country. Other names on the table Ambassador Amadei. Among these the Renardet Reclamation, Swissboring of the Trevi Group, Impresa spa, Sering, Federici Stirling Batco, all companies operating in the construction sector and infrastructure. As there is no shortage of designers and design companies.

But also the small and medium sized Italian may find outlets in Oman. The ambassador has no doubts: “Made in Italy like. Not a few cases, for example, when the Omanis in buying Italian furniture and furnishings for manufactured products. ” And if an Italian entrepreneur wants to invest in Oman? “Of course the government encourages local entrepreneurship, but also foreign investors are welcome, provided that they operate under the joint venture with Omani partners.” A partner but can not find it easily. “The entrepreneur – says Amadei – can contact the Embassy of Italy, where we will provide all possible assistance, especially putting it in contact with relevant institutions and in particular with the Chamber of Commerce of Oman.”

The Royal Opera House in Muscat

Culture is another successful strategy of this country. Investing in culture means schools and education for the younger generation. Oman is a country “young”, where the average age is just 24 years old and must give work to young people. But it also means restoring a cultural heritage with centuries of history, with castles, forts, museums and archaeological excavations where the Italian contribution is highly appreciated, not only to provide jobs but also because the Omanis are aware and proud of their past. And at the same time as a driver to attract tourists.

It is no coincidence that the Royal Opera House in Muscat (opened in September 2011 with the Turandot produced by Zeffirelli) is the only opera house existing in the Arabian Peninsula. The performances not only assist the Omanis, but many fans from abroad. Meanwhile, on September 14 will be on stage, “The Barber of Seville” with the orchestra and chorus of the Teatro San Carlo in Naples. Will follow in October, “La Traviata” with the Orchestra and Chorus of the Marche regional Lirico Marche. Oman-Italy relations also pass through the notes of the pentagram.

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